About Tina

Lets skip the traditional introduction because quite honestly I want you to have time to read my posts instead of a lengthy bio, so here goes nothing…

I am a precious creation and daughter of Christ ( very special friend taught me that), and you can call me Tina. I am many things including Mom to 4 beautiful, crazy, completely different and genuine children. They are 4,6,12,and 15 years old. Girl, boy, girl, boy. Not only are they my children but they are my homeschool students as well and yes we fight like all families during school and outside of it. I have a wonderful partner in love, his name is Dan and he is an amazing leader. When he is outside of our home he is a Doctoral Professor of Nursing and a Pediatric Neurology Nurse Practitioner. He is a son of God and a fearless, but calm and loving leader.

I don’t think that I need to go on much past the norm, you are going to learn all about me in the posts that I write…hopefully the suspense will bring you back!

Now lets get to it!!!