A Purpose and a Plan

I started working in the Junior High ministry at my church 3 years ago because I wanted to be closer to my daughter and get to know her friends. I figured why not  serve at the same time. I loved it. I was thriving, I felt wanted, fun, young, and like I could help them out a bit here and there too. I loved it. I had only hoped to be able to attend on Wed. nights too but without childcare I couldn’t make that happen.

In the mean time, Women’s ministries gets a new pastor and starts a Wed. night study with childcare and so I am in. I couldn’t wait to start, I was so excited. Brianna was our new pastors name and her and I became instant friends. She was amazing to listen to, her insight and biblical background was everything I had always needed to be hearing. She taught with conviction and without fear. She was true to the biblical teachings and was brave enough to cause a room full of women to stir. I stayed and was what I call a student under her and I was growing and changing at rapid speed (or so I felt).

Our junior high pastor had come and let me know that I could utilize the women’s study childcare in order to come and work with the students on Wed. By this time I was hooked on Bible Study, I couldn’t walk away now. I was actually growing, for the first time in a long time I was truly excited about my adult relationship with Christ. So I told him that, and let him know that I still wouldn’t be coming on Wed. nights. I struggled with this decisions for quite sometime but knew that it was right.

So now here we are in the month of January, 2017 and I find out that Brianna is resigning and will no longer serving as our Women’s Pastor. I was crushed. Not for her but selfishly for myself. Little did I know that God was using her absence to push me along in my calling. The week after finding out that she was leaving I was heading to winter camp with our high schoolers. I was nervous and excited. I was afraid that I had been so far out of the loop that I wasn’t going to be much help. Boy was I wrong.

I want to preface by saying that my “word” for this past 8 months or so has been “BRAVE”. I have been trying to figure out what that means and then to put it into action. Christ was calling me to be brave, to step out of my comfort zone and talk to these kids about things that needed to be said. I had a great conversation with my girls and then a few great conversations with a few of the boys. Lives are changing! It was incredible to see their reactions to the love that I was trying to show. I know that some of these kids are viewing things differently, I know that one of them went home and shared with his Mom, and she was so glad that I stepped out and embraced my word that she called and thanked me. These kids are hungry for the truth and the Word. Stemming from a conversation at camp I now have about 15 kids coming over this Saturday to talk about biblical truths and to have their questions answered. They have been texting questions now to our group chat for 2 weeks. Lives are changing and hearts are changing!

I am now committed to the high schoolers on both Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights! I couldn’t be more thrilled and to know that student ministries is where God is calling me is unreal. I wouldn’t be in this place if I hadn’t met Brianna. If I hadn’t learned of my own strength and been taught how to better understand my own beliefs. I am forever grateful that God sent Brianna to my home church for a season. I know that it wasn’t “just” for me but I have to believe that it was partly for me. God knew that I needed a push, some confidence, and a  woman that not only I looked up to, but that in return looked up to me as well. God is good and his plan is all knowing!

I am not sharing this in order to commend myself or get a pat on the back but more so to share that when we step out and do what God is calling us to do, amazing things happen.

Don’t live in fear that is binding but instead spread your wings, smile and fly!


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