When Life Feels Blah

We all have times when life just feels blah. Even in happiness we have our moments, or days maybe even a month or so of blah. We snap back out of it and find our groove, but what happens when the blahness(yes I made that up) of life just isn’t going away? You feel like it has moved in, not with one or two suitcases but an entire moving truck. How do you get out? What is it that is causing this blah? Unfortunately I don’t have the answer, but lets talk about it anyway. Maybe by me typing and you reading, together we can make some sense out of it all.

Well friends and fellow readers, let me tell you that I wrote that paragraph a couple months ago and just came back to it today. I think in the mean time I found the answer to the problem. Satan…yep I believe that Satan sets in and causes the blah that we feel and then he convinces us that we don’t deserve anything more than sitting in our own rut. So what do we do? We sit, we stew and we don’t find a way out.

This isn’t what God wants for our lives, to be stuck sitting in our own self doubt, pity, anxiety and trepidation. He wants us growing, striving and then helping others to do the same. Obviously a couple of months ago I was sitting in what I thought was the “blahness” of my life. I felt weighed down, not myself, and no motivation for anything really. I was sitting at bible study with my table of women and our pastor was talking about how Satan attacks us, and that his attacks are personal, well planned out and orchestrated by him. He is sly and crafty. He can’t read our minds but he can see and hear our fears and our worries. Then BAM! He attacks those exact weaknesses. It was after this night that I started fighting back. Evil vs. Love and with Gods help we became the victor.

Satan can only have power over what we let him have power over. He can only get into our thoughts when we aren’t prepared to stop him. When you are a believer you have the all the power and protection that Christ has to offer. Use it! Prayer friends, pray. Talk to God, tell him the areas that you need help in. When you  are facing the impossible ask him to pick you up and carry you in the right direction. Gather friends around you to pray with you. Put on your armor. Don’t go into battle unprepared. Fight!

I am learning to fight. I am learning to see who God created me to be and to find joy and achievement in that. I am celebrating the me that I am, my strengths and my weaknesses. Know yourself. Can I say that? I don’t think that we take the time to know who we really are. I don’t mean your favorite color, movie, etc. I mean know yourself like you would want to know someone before you marry them. What is your relationship with Christ like, how strong is it? Do you want it to be better? Where does your biggest earthly joy come from, what is your biggest passion, if you could have whatever occupation you wanted  (not depending on money) what would it be? What is your biggest fear? What is your goal in life? Are you afraid of Satan? Do you believe that the Bible is 100% true? Do you believe that marriage is forever even in abusive situations? What is it that makes you who you are? I discovered that I had to know exactly who I was before I could fight for myself. I had to know exactly what my beliefs are. I had to sit and look at myself through the eyes of the one that created me, at least to the best of my abilities.

After a lot of self discovery, I am able to feel free! Satan has lost his control over who I think I am. I know who I am, and I know who Christ has created me to be and I think I have a pretty good idea of what he put me here for. Part of the reason I am here is all of you. To share with you, to write for you, to hopefully help you know that you aren’t alone and to point you to our Father when you are feeling lost. For that I am extremely thankful and completely honored. Please spend some time figuring out exactly who you are. Not who you want to be or who people think you are, not even who you think you are supposed to be. Just figure out who you are right now and then go from there. I wish you the freedom that I have began to find. Please feel free to share with me who it is that you discover when you are learning. Maybe like me you have already discovered your true self and if that is the case. Yay! Share with me how self discovery changed the way you live. Now go on, have some fun and rediscover YOU!!


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