God’s Vessel

I was talking to a friend the other day about God, the Church, relationships, believers, non-believers and life in general. She is a dear sweet friend, who just opened her door and welcomed Jesus to come in and take over. The changes she has made and are still making is amazing to watch. The light in her eyes when we talk and she understands now, things that were so confusing to her before is bright and beautiful. Her head is high, her shoulders are back, her smile is contagious and her joy is exuberant!

We were discussing our loved ones who aren’t believers and what that means for them in darkness after death. I looked at her and said, “now you know why I just kept talking to you about Jesus. I didn’t want to think about you not being in Heaven.”

As Christians there are times that we think we can change someone, we can make them see the truth that is Christ’s love for us. We almost make it a personal conquest, hoping for the win, but it doesn’t work that way. This was me, and she was my conquest. I thought that if we just kept talking, if we just kept discussing and if she was listening then “I” could get her to believe in Jesus. It wasn’t until I sat back and realized that I don’t have the power to get her to accept Christ, only he can do that. I had to realize that she wasn’t my mission but that I was a PART of His mission. We as believers can be used to reach people, to invoke questions and show them Christ’s love but we can’t make them believe. Whew! That is a major load off isn’t it?

He is in charge, he has the power to change hearts, he is the creator, our Father, our protector and life. These are all things that we can share, he is the one who knocks, and they have to be the one to answer. We can’t do either.

We can love! We can show people the love of Christ through us. Talk about Jesus to non-believers, believe it or not but they are craving God, they just don’t know yet that he is what they are missing. There is so much that is confusing and to much to understand until you know and accept all the Christ has to offer. 1 Corinthians 3:21 says: All things are yours. ALL THINGS, this is amazing, intimidating and so powerful if we allow it’s meaning to sink into ourselves. He has given us all things, peace, understanding, power, wisdom, discernment, love, humility, ability to see him, reach other people, and so much more. We don’t have to ask for it, because we already have it. We as humans may need to ask for the reminder that we have all those things readily available, or the belief that we have all things, but we don’t need to ask for what we have already been given. Don’t be afraid, go out and make disciples for I have given you all things! How can we not think that we are equipped enough when this is what God tells us?

Go out and make disciples! This is one of the things that God calls us to do. Make disciples. This means to teach people about Christ, answer their questions, tell them of his unending, unwavering love. Tell them that there is a Paradise called Heaven, that God has a place for them, with him. Talking is great, but sometimes people need to see to believe, so show them. Be the hands and feet of Jesus, show them who Christ is in you. Be the change, be the sons and daughters of Christ that display the kind of love you receive by giving it in return. Go Make disciples!

I want to go a little further into that and say this; making converts is not the same as making disciples. When you are placed in someone life and you are the human vessel that Christ is using to reach that person for His glory, don’t walk away once they become a believer. Stay near to them, make sure they are growing, learning, changing, becoming more and more like Christ. Help them to wean off of milk, and start eating solid foods. We all start out as converts.                                                                                                                                                                     A convert is: a person who has been persuaded to change their religious faith or other beliefs. We aren’t born believers in Christ, at some point we are taught about Jesus and converted from non-believers to Christians.                                                                                             A disciple is: someone who accepts and helps spread the teachings of  Jesus Christ.                     Can you see the difference in the definitions? One is a person who changes their religious belief (becomes a Christian) , and the other is one who believes in Jesus and then helps to spread the word to others. Do we want to reach other people so that they become converts? YES! By all means yes, but then we mustn’t leave them alone in their new faith, we are to make disciples. Making disciples means to help them grow in their faith so that they may in return go and make disciples as well.

Please remember that Christ tells us in Corinthians 3: 17 Gods spirit is in the temple and you are that temple. Christ is in us! We don’t ever have to go looking for him, for he is always here dwelling in us. He and everything he has to offer is ours. All things are a gift given to us, we just have to believe and accept them, and then put them into practice.

So be bold, be brave and please brothers and sister in Christ be willing to be God’s human vessel that he can use for his glory to reach non believers. Go and make disciples for Christ dwells in you and has given you all things!


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