Who are you really?

I was scrolling through Facebook and Instagram the other day, just looking at the life of my friends and I noticed that all our (yes mine included) posts were happy, exciting, proud, fun, or silly. I thought to myself, wow this is great. Isn’t life good? Then I saw a post that struck me the wrong way. Then I saw another one and even another. I am certain there were more.
One was a picture of a couple, looking happy and in love with a caption to match just that. The reason this grabbed my attention was because I know this particular couple isn’t feeling happy and in love. I know that they are hurting, broken, struggling and on the brink of divorce. The other was a mom friend and a post about an outing they had with a caption explaining what a great day they had together. Only earlier in the day I had spoken to this same friend and heard what a horrible experience their day was, the crying, fighting, and just plain naughtiness of her kids, a fight just to get a good picture.
So the question is Why? Why do we feel the need to make our life look better than it is? Why do we hide the reality of our life? Not only hide it for privacy reasons but flat out lie about who we are and how we are doing? Does posting that something is great when it isn’t make it great? Does it bring us joy to look better on a screen than we actually are? What has made us a society full of fake posts?
I decided one day to step out of my comfort zone and post that I was having a less than stellar day. I was a hot mess of a mom who was yelling at her kids, wanted to hide in my room, stay in my pajamas and cry in my bed. That day I was blessed! No one unfriended me, shamed me, felt embarrassed for me, asked why I would post something so negative. To the contrary my post was met with an outpouring of love and support from the women in my social media life. I was receiving messages of encouragement from states across the country from moms who understood. I was blessed in my day of need.
When we are fake, and not sharing the truths about our life and our experiences we miss out on opportunities to connect with other people who care about us. We miss out on prayers being lifted up because no one knows we need them. We hold things inside and let them fester, and quite honestly it is hard work keeping up a false front for the people in our social media lives. Some of whom are people that we don’t even talk to, or keep in touch with. We are so busy protecting the image of our life that we miss out on the love that is there to be given.
We are a society that judges. Judges ourselves, judges each other, judges strangers, judges friends of our friends and so on. Because of this, we feel a need to glorify our lives and this makes me sad. We are not helping each other by looking good on paper, we aren’t even helping ourselves anymore. I challenge you to be brave, be you and be proud. Be imperfect and in that imperfection let others love you, let them support you, let them show you that you aren’t alone. When you see a post that makes you uncomfortable because it is vulnerable react in love and kindness. We all need to be Gods hands and feet, but in the case of social media, show his heart and his compassion.
When we are a world that can be open and honest about who we really are, that is when we can start healing what is broken. Don’t let people look up to a false reality of who you are, instead be an inspiration and help be the change that we need.
Pray for me, that I would live the words that I write. Pray that I would share my joys but that I would also share my failures. Pray for me that I would show the heart and the love of Jesus to all the people he places before me. Pray that I would live to be brave in his name!


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