My testimony as a redeemed daughter of Christ

IMG_0182 1I was asked to think about which woman in the bible I feel like I relate to. A woman that had been redeemed by Jesus. I feel that I relate to the woman who was caught in adultery and brought out to be publicly stoned to death by her accusers. I was 18, a senior and known Christian in my high school when Dan and I found out that we were pregnant. I felt happy, sad, excited, ashamed, embarrassed, scared, and judged. We had family steering us towards adoption, people at our past church literally betting against our marriage and how long it would last. Dan was kicked out of his private Christian high school 3 months before graduation. We had parents who were hurt and angry, some supportive, some not. We did get married a month before our daughter was born, but were told that it was NOT a celebration. It was a rough road to travel, and all the while everyone was watching and waiting and judging.


BUT GOD reminded me that I am his. Loved, forgiven and precious in his eyes. He gave me the courage to tell my own story in front of each of my classes at school in the hope of stopping rumors. He sent me encouragement through cards from classmates, both friends and strangers. He gave me the strength to move forward, look ahead and see the blessings in the storm. He gave Dan the courage and strength to deal with his side of the issue and still take care of me and my needs. The Lord guided both of us and helped us to stand up and make our own decisions for our well being and our soon to be newborns. God gifted me the joy of being my Madison’s mom and 15 years of happy marriage so far. He took my sin and turned it into the greatest blessings in my life. He redeemed me and called me daughter!


Like the woman caught in her sin and brought out to be publicly shamed I anticipated the jokes, the ridicule, the laughing and mocking but God knew that I needed his protection and showed up in more ways than I could have imagined. When you feel caught, ashamed, embarrassed and scared, please know that you are alone and that you too are our Lords precious daughter. You are HIS! He knows your heart along with every detail about you. He will guide you and protect you. He showed up and saved the adulteress from certain death, and he can save you too. Put your hope in him, trust in him, call on him, and praise him, he will not only save you, but he will redeem you and call you his beautiful, precious daughter.


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