First things first

Wow! This is fun, new and exciting. I am so looking forward to getting started, to meeting new people and hopefully sharing some thought provoking words. This first post is really to let you know that I am going to post some of my old writings that I  actually have stored in my Facebook notes. I just don’t want them to be left out, you know, castaways.

So as you dig into glimpses of my life and my heart share with me what they spark in you. There is nothing you can share that is right or wrong, it’s just you. That is what is so wonderful about our creator. There are not two of us that are exactly alike, we aren’t supposed to be, nor are we supposed to agree on everything. Please be kind and remember that we can have fruitful conversations without vulgarity, spite, rudeness or foul language. Please only share if you can be respectful in doing so. Thank you!


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