A love planned by God

IMG_2574May 8, 2011 at 8:24pm
Last night Dan and I sat in bed and reminisced for a really long time about first loves and old relationships and each other and it was so much fun. We came to the conclusion that God knew we were truly meant to be before we had any idea at all. Dan and I met in 4th grade at some point. I am not quite sure when but still I believe that I was 10 and he was probably 9. Crazy! So anyway obviously we became friends, great friends at that. I would venture to say that Dan was one of my best guy friends. When we were Freshmen, well November of our Freshmen year was our first “more than friends moment” at our friends birthday party we snuggled during the movie Nutty Professor (hahahaha). We never mentioned that moment we just went on as if it never happened. Next would have been a time at youth group when we held hands. I called to ask Dan what that meant and this is what he said, ” Um, I don’t know what you are talking about”. So from there I hung up and that was the end of that. Next would have been Sept. of our sophmore year, during our friend Missy’s birthday party we talked forever. I was asking who he was crushing on and he would not tell me for anything. I was so hoping he would tell me it was me, but that didn’t happen. So I asked him if he wanted to go to my homecoming with me. He said sure and that was that. Well I was a stupid idiot and proceeded to forget that I asked him and ended up going with a friend because my two best friends were dating his two best friends. Dan never said anything to me about it until after we were dating. I felt like the biggest loser ever. He still hasn’t let that one go. Anyhow must have been October of that same year. Dan was in the worship band at church and I was practicing for a Christmas musical that our church was doing. We would meet up after and wait for our rides to show up. I was waiting with Dan for his mom to come and when we saw her van coming he handed me a note that changed everything. Obviously a note was a confession of his feelings for me. I called him that night like he asked me too but we didn’t start dating yet. I was to afraid that we would break up and never be friends again. We continued to hang out and sit together at church secretly hiding our hand holding. Well Nov. 22nd of 98′ we went to our friend Matt’s birthday party (the same friend from the first snuggle) and we hung out together the whole night. We sat out at the fire pit and held hands, snuggled, talked and laughed. I am pretty sure everyone at the party came to ask when “we” happened and we just laughed. That was the night that Dan’s craigs brother sweatshirt became my favorite of all time. After the party he called and we talked for hours until I finally believed him when he said that we wouldn’t break up and that there was nothing to worry about with our friendship. We started dating 11/22/98 sophmores in highschool.

Dating was not always easy, we had our issues but man was I in love. Dan told me he loved me for the first time New years of 99′. He also informed that he knew we would be getting married one day. I am pretty sure that I told him he was crazy and laughed. I guess joke was on me! Thank goodness.

We were married 7/13/01 almost 10 years ago. I love our story, all of it included and not included in this note, and I love that our story is never ending. I thank God for the true love that was given to me, that it was obvious enough that we knew we were meant to be at such a young age and I am eternally blessed that our marriage is what makes me happiest on this earth.

You are an amazing husband Daniel James and I love you more today even than I did it was new and young. Thank you for be a blessing to me and our children every day. Thank you more than anything for your love that I know is unconditional. I can’t wait to continue our story, a true real life love story!


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